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Body Positivity - Hold It High

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Posted on September 06 2018

Ultimo believes believe that body positivity is the best social movement of our time, hands down! Body positivity promotes that all human beings should have a positive body image, and be accepting of their own bodies as well as the bodies of others. It’s an amazing feeling to have, when we becoming welcoming of our own bodies, and do not feel the need to hide or change.

However, some of us might feel that it is one of those easier said than done kind of statement or concept because this is not limited to oneself but there are people around you who make it difficult. Ultimo is a flagbearer of body positivity and urges all full figured women to embrace their curves fully. 

A full figure body does not necessarily mean obese or plus-sized body, it just refers to fuller cup size. So, a full figured woman is as healthy and fit as others, she can beat you in marathons, score high in endurance tests etc. If there are people around you, making you feel like there is something wrong with you, then you need to stand up against it. Hiding your bust under your long lustrous hair does not make you any less full figured, rather stand tall and hold it high! Say no to body shaming by accepting your body with love. 

It’s time to stop giving in to those demeaning remarks that people around you make. 
It’s time to stop acknowledging the communications that hint towards changing your appearance. 
It’s time to get out of the vicious cycle of judgements and criticism.
It’s time! Time to Hold it High!

Join the Hold It High movement with Ultimo and spread the word amongst your full figured friends. Awareness is the first step in this movement, embracing it fully is the next. Treat your curves to the right support that they desire with Ultimo lingerie. 

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