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Here is how to deal with Body Shaming

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Posted on March 09 2018

Body shaming can appear in our life out of nowhere and when we least expect it. They have the capacity to tear down our self-confidence, self-love, and much more. Body shaming is the act of negatively criticizing individuals for their physique unfairly. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but other times, it’s important to know how to personally tackle situations such as this. With that said, how do we deal with these different incidents? Here are a few ways we can deal with these negative comments and begin a path to end them once and for all:

1.) It’s not you, it’s them
            When someone goes out of their way to body shame you, they are battling with a certain misconception that they have learned. It is easier for them to just judge you rather than to get to know and understand who you are. The biggest thing to remember is that it is not your fault or your doing, body-shamers act on their own prejudices and insecurities, and harp on you instead of dealing with their own issues.



2.) Find confidence to defend yourself and others.

            Use the fire inside of you from these comments to fuel a defence statement. Hurtful comments can be demeaning but showing confidence and defending yourself shows them that you are not one to be messed with. When you see someone else as a victim, remember that you can use your voice to defend them and save someone from the hurt and humiliation that comes with reckless body shaming.



3.) If you can’t defend yourself, don’t get hung up.

           Speaking up is a big step and sometimes you or the situation are just not ready for it. If you can't vocally defend yourself, speak up inside and tell yourself that hurtful comments are just words and they mean nothing to your worth. Take this opportunity to not let words define you and to be comfortable in your own skin.


 4.) Educate, educate, educate.

             When people don’t know, they are body shaming, take a chance to educate them. In the workplace or with friends or family, sometimes it might be awkward to bring something up with people around. Instead, take the opportunity to talk and educate them in private. The only way to end body shaming is through education. Therefore, the more informed, less number of people should deal with body shaming.



5.) If you’re angered, let them know!

           Sometimes, us women feel like we don’t have a voice about things that upset or deteriorate us. When you hear hateful comments, share your voice and your opinions on the matter. Always remember your worth and don’t let anyone take your purpose away from you.


6.) Comments can come from anywhere.

           Never underestimate where a hurtful comment can come from. But with every situation, try your best to handle it the way you want to. Acknowledge what has happened in public or private and have the courage to move on with it. Body shaming sometimes is a difficult thing for some people to acknowledge that they have done, so try and be the bigger person and educate them for doing so.


Body shaming can only be on its way out if we do something about it. Some do it without realization whilst others do it for a certain kind of satisfaction. Don’t allow these individuals to take over your smart and confident self. Words are often abused to hurt one another, yet, believe in your inner strength and the ability to move on from people who don’t understand your worth. Channel your confidence to educate shamers and diminish body misconceptions! #HoldItHigh 


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