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Hold It High

Stand Against Bodyshaming #HoldItHigh 

Every body is beautiful on its own! From curvy to plus to full figure, we are cheerleaders of flaunting who you really are! We are all in for body positivity.

But today, the full-figured women are body shamed daily, this affects their confidence and brings the morale down. With the intention to overcome these insecurities, women try to hide their curves behind their hair. And when her hair drops, so does her confidence.

The #HoldItHigh movement encourages women to fight body shaming. To stand tall and proud and to embrace their natural curves. This movement asks women to simply tie up their hair as a symbol of confidence. When the world weighs you down #HoldItHigh.

After all, every woman deserves to get the right physical support to feel confident in her own skin. Ultimo urges women to get the right support and no matter what, Hold it high



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